The #1 Reason You are NOT Losing Weight

Take a digital seat, we have to have a talk. A R E A L Talk. It’s time to talk about why you haven’t been losing weight. Yup its truth time and this may sting like a stale band aid. Well it may not because you know the truth

The #1 reason you are not losing weight is because you HAVE NOT BEEN HONEST …now if this doesn’t apply then let it fly but for many of us we are not telling the complete truth

Have you been eating clean for the last 30 days?

Have you been working out for the last 30 days?

Have you been drinking water ….?

Have you been slowing down on soda, candy, chip and all the goodies that you love?

Have you been consistent with your regimen

Have you been sticking to your plan?

Have you broken promises to yourself in the last about your weight loss?

Now many of us have been here BUT You can make the decision to be honest with yourself and create a plan that is actually attainable. Not some “I’m gonna go hard every damn day type of plan’” we all know that ends in burnout. But a plan that you can actually stick to that is a pace that will provide progress and stability. This is a long-term solution not a temporary fix.

NOW is this the reason you are not losing weight or is it some other reason not mentions here …

Wait before you go I am running a 30 Day Fit Glam Life Bootcamp for those who are looking to go into 2019 with a body and life transformation



Also have you watched my video about why you are not losing weight check it

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