7 Things You MUST HAVE For A Successful Fitness Journey!

So, you decided to start your fitness journey? Or decided to pick up where you left off? Either way it goes its time we talk about the ultimate MUST HAVE fitness listed and this list will work for ANY fitness level. This is not just about a plan or a product, but these are mixture of things that any person starting their fitness journey needs. You can get or do them all. You can also take what you need and leave what you don’t.

Let not waste any more of your precious time and let’s jump into it

The MUST HAVE fitness journey list

  • Routine – Create a routine for your fitness. This includes food, workout and stress management plan. Figure out what you will eat. How and when will your workout and find out you triggers the reduce or manage it.


  • Playlist – All of us have those songs that makes our bodies move and get us amped up for a workout. Its time to make a playlist for out workouts. Being on the treadmill, stair masters or going for a run calls for an upbeat and up-tempo song. Construct a playlist that will keep you excited to get to a workout. Rule of thumb have a specific playlist for just working out so only play those songs when its time to get through a workout.

 Befit Divas Workout Playlist

  • Go to workout – You probably think is the same as #1 but its NOT. #1 said to plan a workout this is where there is a workout that you are comfortable with doing or can do it well and keep that workout on standby for the days you feel like you cannot anything then go straight to the workout so that you can get it done.

Waist Training Exercise

  • Ear phones – Have you ever made it to the gym or out for a run and seen that you forgot your headphones it sucks. Well its time for you to get a couple. 1 for the car, 1 for your gym bag, 1 at work and school.


  • Water Bottle– Time for you to stop sipping from plastic bottles and invest in a bottle. Now I know carry around the 64 oz jug is popular, but I am a fan of the 32. Oz bottle. You should always get a water bottle that will last for a long period of time.


  • Gym bag– These bags are not just for the gym even though its in the name you can pack your gym bag for a hot yoga session, mediation or a run. Make sure your bag has space back for what you need.

Gym Bag Checklist

  • Fitness Watch– Fitbits, polar watches, and apple watches are more than a fade they are helpful. Someone of them are so advance they don’t just count steps, they also count calories, track movement and remind you to move. You must invest in a fitness watch if you already don’t have one.





Its your turn… what products do you use? Leave it in the comments……

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