Any Group Fitness Instructors out there? or Aspiring?

My PT is great she is a group fitness instructor as well. She gets me so pumped and hyped. I love the way she makes me want to keep going. I want to give others that same feeling. BUT I’ve seen aerobics, turbokick, bodycombat and zumba. I like them all but only see myself teaching 1 or 2.

I am …




excited that i’m even thinking about it

I’ve searched turbo versus body combat. It looks like they’re die hards for each style.

After reading more some people’s post on several forums some say turbokick in gyms are being faded out while bodycombat is more popular now.

I want some opinions on here… well more recent opinions…. information I found were from forums dated in 2013.

What styles do you perfer (doesn’t have to be what I mentioned)? Are you a GFI? Do you want to be a GFI? Do you just want to teach 1 style?

Comment please 🙂

4 thoughts on “Any Group Fitness Instructors out there? or Aspiring?

  1. planksandplanes says:

    I think for GFI, its best to teach or at least be willing to teach more than 1 style. In general, a lot of gyms will start you with one style but encourage you to do more. This way, you become more valuable to them as you can teach different formats. I teach at two different gyms and both encourage me to learn different styles of classes so I can sub and teach when openings come up.

    Good luck! 🙂


      • planksandplanes says:

        As a general whole I would say get your GFI first because it creates a really good base that most gyms will hire you for any class. However with that being said, if there is a specific gym you want to teach at and/or a class you want get the certification that the gym requires. I find it has been best to talk to the director of GF at gyms.. they are usually very receptive to those interested in getting certified.


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