Day 16: #HeartofaWarrior challenge

It has been a struggle!

I have been sick. Eating majority of nothing because my nose was so stuffy that I couldnt breathe or taste anything.

I was sick from Saturday 5/30/15 to about Wednesday 6/3/15 how sad. I worked out minor at home but it was not the 45 mins a day  I committed to.

But Thursday I did redeem my self feeling much better


6/4/15 45 mins body combat and 15 mins weight

6/5/15 Elliptical 120 mins

6/6/15 Elliptical 70 mins

6/7/15 Elliptical 63 mins

6/8/15 Elliptical 70 mins and 15 min circuit


6/4/15 Turkey bacon 3 slice, broccoli and carrots

6/5/15 Chicken leg, corn , mac and cheese

6/6/15 Chicken leg and broccoli

6/7/15 Turkey bacon 3 slice , 2 slice toast and half a mango

6/8/15 Mini chicken bowl pollo bowl from el pollo loco

This was a little harder than I intended but Today is day 16 and I will stick it out until the 28th of June.

Comment or like.

Have you ever planned on sticking to something and life happens? Do you give up? Start over or Keep going?

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