Day 5: #heartofaWARRIOR challenge- Weightloss

Today is the 5th day of my #heartofaWARRIOR challenge

Stay Under 1200 calories 

Until today being that I’ve only had water and tea I have stayed under 1200 calories

On Friday 5/29/15 I was extremely low in my calorie intake ( it was for a religious reason)

Work outs

Also on Friday I did not work out for 45 mins. I did only 25 push ups and 250 crunches

Saturday I was at the gym for 2 hrs and Sunday for 1 hr and at home did 30 mins weights and a 25 min circuit

Mini Circuit 

40 Burpees(hate burpees)

100 squats(despise squats)

40 mountain climbers(can’t stand these)

100 jumping jacks(reminds me of highschool)

40 floor jumping jacks(actually okay with these)

100 crunches(tighten up this belly fat)

Meal Plan for dinner

Thursday – Chicken leg, mac and cheese, spinach, corn

Friday -Chicken bacon avocado sandwich

Saturday-Chicken breast and artichoke

Sunday- Brown rice and pepper chicken

Snack control 

Thursday I had no snack

Friday- Tangerine

Saturday I had no snack

Sunday- banana nut bread muffin

Weigh in this morning- 187 lbs

Also I am involved in 3 dietbets that end the same day as this challenge. I need to loose 8 lbs in order to win all the bets by June 28th.

I am currently contemplating attending a Turbo Kick Instructor certification (Any suggestions please let me know or personal stories)

I’ve been thinking how some people may not understand that a lifestyle change or weight-loss journey is a 24 hour thing not a just for 1 meal. But if you are just beginning take it slow because if you place to many restriction on your self you may become discouraged and give up. Also you have to be READY to make a change because motivation will come in spurts and you have to be READY to stick to what you decided with or without motivation.

Society speaks a lot about motivation which we all need but what about self-efficacy which is the amount of which you believe you can achieve and or complete a task. What about self monitoring your own situation and seeking more help if need be.

Remember the only person you are trying to top IS YOURSELF

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