MOMS who workout- I salute you


So I had just finished my day 7 of my Les Mills at home combat workout. DRENCHED with sweat and in need of air I headed to sit out on the porch.
There was my guy and the next door neighbor chatting it up. The neighbor asked “what were you in there doing making all the noise” my guy answers before I could and said she was working out… asking the neighbor does your lady work out maybe my lady and your lady can get together and workout.(why is he trying to link me with a workout buddy??) Any who…
The neighbor responds to my guy and says “my lady has 3 kids to take care of..she doesn’t have time to workout..she has the kids”
I don’t have kids but I am sure that it can be difficult to get a workout in when you have kids.
But to all the ladies who find a way to workout with kids I salute you. I know you are busy. I know you may be tired at times. I know there are some days you probably do skip some workouts or just don’t feel up to it because there are some hard and difficult days. But I respect the woman that takes care of her kids and still finds time to take care of herself through healthy living. .eating right and working out. BUT  I understand we are all in different parts in our lives. Being that i don’t have kids so I don’t know how difficult it may be, I could only imagine having to workout and attend to children but if you do know please share your experiences with me.

Are you a mother that still finds time to workout? Do you think having kids should mean someone shouldn’t workout? What are some at home workouts moms can use at home?

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3 thoughts on “MOMS who workout- I salute you

  1. Anne Nicole (nutrientdensecowgirl) says:

    I am a ‘fitmom’. I love to workout with my baby. I like to go on hikes, jog or walks. I also like to take her to the park and get in some strength sets! Being a mom is taxing for sure but you must make some time to focus on yourself. I get up 30 mins early each morning before baby to get in a workout! This is my ‘me’ time and I love it! Finding time to workout is so important once you are a mom! I believe that I need to be healthy for my daughter as well as set a healthy example for her. My blog has some great quick workouts for moms posted on it!


  2. dawnwishart says:

    My girls are a bit older, so it’s easier to fit in training whilst they are at school. But my training does not get limited to during term time or weekdays-I work out at home or the park and get them involved too. My eldest has mastered the box jump at 6!
    What is essential as a parent that trains is that you must fuel and rest adequately…you can’t over train and leave yourself too tired to deal with whatever kind of day they throw at you! As a bonus having kids gives you more focus and motivation in life. It also makes you far more aware of your body’s needs – which is essential as part of any training program 🙂


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