This $hI+ doesn’t work: Weight-loss

I bought this program and it does not work .

I have been following this meal plan and I gained a pound.

I did this workout 5 times and I don’t see any results.

I have been taking these pills and I don’t look like the people in the commercial.

I did a circuit why don’t I feel like a beast like those people on Instagram.

A few of us have been here, in our minds saying “This shit doesn’t work, I want my money and time back”

Time for some tough love for both you and I.

I use to think the same things because I wanted to lose weight. I wanted a quick fix. I wanted to look like those fitspiration memes plastered all over social media. I wanted to do 5 workouts and immediately have hardcore abs and sexy biceps.But guess what my friends IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY.

If you are going to try anything, YOU are the main factor.

There are millions of products out there to purchase to assist you as a tool with your weight-loss BUT YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK while utilizing these products.

Here are 5 tips that worked for me and maybe for you:

  • TIP #1-Anything you try, give it 3 to 6 months maybe even a year. This is so you can truly see results
  • TIP #2-Choose ONE. 1 work out program, 1 drink, 1 meal planner, 1 regimen . If you do one thing you will know if it works or not . If you are using more than 1 thing how do you know which one is working for you the best
  • TIP #3-Track your progress. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Scale, measurements, feelings, and clothes
  • TIP #4-Don’t worry about what is working for your cousin, sister or co-worker . Stick to your product.
  • TIP #5-Find others using the same product you are using and support each other while using that product.

I use to blame the product then I figured out it was me not PUTTING IN THE WORK WHILE USING THE PRODUCT.

Have you product hopped? Quit a product too fast? Not given a product a chance? I want to know.

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