I love writing and speaking about goals I have and want to accomplish.

The thing about goals I make for myself is I set them personally.

No one knows about my goals so I can easily tweak them or make them less intense because its just me and my goals.

I have taken heed to being accountable for the goals that I set.

Well  here I am to state a goal and I want any of you to hold me accountable for the goal.

Just by me putting it out there for everyone to see holds me even more accountable.

Well here it goes

Goal : I must weigh 157 lbs on or before September 5, 2015

Why: This is my goal weight to officially be 80 lbs down.

Current Weight: 167 lbs

10 pounds to shed. Let the goal begin.

Today I have misbehaved in the food department

I had 3 slices of pizza, half a burger and cookies(not all at the same time lol like that makes a difference) but don’t let that fool you (BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION in weight loss you can’t eat what you like that’s bull…. you have to live a little, don’t restrict yourself too much but don’t go over board either )

BUT watch me work

  1. I have heart
  2. I’m tough
  3. Oh yeah I didnt come this far to slow down now when I am so close my goal

I wrote this post yesterday and it has taken me since to post it YIKES.


Add me my fitness pal: gojenGETFIT

Add me on Instagram: GOJENBEFIT

Holding myself accountable 🙂

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