BEAST in health & fitness = BEAST in your entire life

Maybe others can weigh in on this but I’ve heard others say that when you become a beast in the gym and start eating clean it shows up in the rest of your. At first I thought that was a LIE! I thought my life was pretty legit and I DIDN’T WORK OUT or EAT CLEAN . But that has change and I am now a believer that when you get your health and fitness together it some how gives you more energy, more confidence and proves to you that you can accomplish what you put your mind to.

Now its not as simple as I have summed it up above but lets review this

Work out + eating clean (MOST OF THE TIME 🙂 ) = Better overall life

Yes showing up in your kitchen and in the gym will cause you to look at other areas of your life and decide to take it to another level

  • Your job or business may need some adjustment and you will have the courage to invent or reinvent yourself
  • Your relationships , whether you start or already have them, you will appreciate people and especially like minded people
  • Your finances, you start to look at them a little closer because eating clean saves money but buying new gear and attending classes/events cost money
  • Socializing becomes emphasized because you may make a gym buddy, attend athletic/fitness event or classes
  • Intellectually you start to get informed and knowledgeable about the things you do or want to do
  • Physically as time progresses you gain stamina and become stronger daily
  • Mentally you start to see and and in due time understand your own feelings

Pretty much you become better in your entire life when you make the change to get fit and eat better.

Have you started working out and eating better, has it made other parts of your life better?

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