2015 is still YOUR year

September is here . Can you freaking believe it? I feel like just yesterday I was yelling out HAPPY NEW YEAR! Fall is 19 days away and the holidays are near. Maybe the year has been good to you or not so much but I have got some news for you my friend.







Lets put this in perspective

We are in September so lets say you have 3 1/2 months to rock the rest of 2015

Now lets look at what you want. You know main areas of your life spiritual, relationships(self,family, significant other, friends), career, health and social (please add anything I did not list that is important to you)

Which area would you like to see elevated in the rest of 2015

  • Review what needs to be taken care of (for now just choose 1 area)
  • Plan to make that aspect of your life better. It may cause for change, elimination or more of your presence
  • Ask an expert , someone you admire or someone who has experienced success in what you want to accomplish
  • Step outside of your comfort zone , do something you haven’t done  ( I can vouch (if that means anything) that stepping outside your comfort zone will change your life) I swear
  • Be consistent and persistent in your desire to elevate your life (don’t stop until you get what you want even when it gets hard I WILL TELL YOU NOW IT. WILL.GET. HARD there are no easy rides when you are succeeding)

Its never to late to make progress towards a goal no matter how big or small.

Happy Friday and 2015 is yours, put yourself in action and claim it

Need help with goal setting and accountability. Contact me 🙂 gojenbefit@gmail.com

I will be glad to write up an IGP (Individualized Goal Plan) with you 🙂 I am on your side because everyone can progress we all may just need some help or clarity

I just want to help others like many people helped me.

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