How to Start Running | Beginner’s Edition |Sara Kurth & Gojenbefit

Running isn’t just for the professionals or experts. I have said this before in one of my previous post. But it does not hurt to know what an expert runner says about how someone who is brand new to running can go about starting their running journey.

Running is my 3rd love besides bodycombat and turbokick. Running is very liberating and is simple to start but intimidating at times. There are many questions about running many of us that are or were beginners need answers to.

I have called in the BIG GUNS for this one. My #Sweatpink sister Sara Kurth is a running coach and has ran marathons and she is pretty freaking awesome if I may add. I have asked her to answer some of the frequent questions that beginners ask when wanting to start a running journey.  

How to Run for Beginner Running

  1. What are the top 3 things a beginner runner should know about running? Sara said embody being a runner before you start running, its okay to  walk as a runner, and always have a plan
  1. Do I need expensive running gear to start? Sara said get a good pair of shoes based on body type and good jog bra and garmen watch (or any activity watch for that matter)
  2. Can I run if I am over weight? Sara said you can run if you are overweight there is no weight or height requirement.
  3. How many times a week should I run? Sara said be realistic go based on what you know your lifestyle can allow.
  4. What if I have bad knees? Sara said visit your physician about your knees and let them give you a medical opinion
  5. Can you recommend some running apps for beginner runners? Sara does not have any that she specifically but I do try out these 3 apps they are free . They can be downloaded on apple and android




  1. When should I sign up for a race like 5k, 10k or marathon? Sara said sign up whenever you are ready but keep the realistic time frame to train for whichever you choose
  1. What food should I eat as a runner? Sara said eat a balanced and nutritious filled regimine nothing special . If you need a meal plan use mine I tell you exactly what to eat to stay fit ★My Audiobook |


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