60 Day Check in: Train Like a Bikini Competitor

Another 30 days trying to get to my goal weight. I was 1 carne asada burrito from giving up on this entire journey. I had to hold it together because I have come too far to just give up just like that but I did have a weak moment. Check out what happened in the video below



I have a new video course and audio book check it out below

★ My Video Couse | http://bit.ly/FitnessGoalAssassin

★My Audiobook | http://bit.ly/7DaySexySlimDown

Now back to regular schedule ….Let’s keep it simple

On the Final Weigh in I will reveal whose training and nutrition plan I have been utilizing and doing a review of their program.

Training has included


4 days weights and cardio

3 days cardio and abs

Cardio burn 300-675 a day


Calories from 1350 to 1600


I discovered I HATE whey protein but I have fell in love with my pre-workout. I did video about my favorite products and the pre-workout I used was included check it out below


7 1/2 on a good day

5 hours on a bad day


640z-1 gal a day

Here is the run down…..Today is 64 day  of 108

So my calculations have been wrong I said 115 days but its 108 days

44 more days to go ! (until my birthday baby!)

This is 2 of 4 Weigh ins so make sure to come back 12/4/17 for the next weigh in and 12/19/17 for final weigh in

Start Weight: 182

Current Weight: 164

Weightloss pic

18 pounds in 60 days!  I actually expected more to be honest …but I still have some days to grind it out …

Can I lose 27 pounds by December 19th, 2017

Goal Weight: 137

Final Weigh in 12/19/17

Oh year remember that photo shoot I planned about 2 years ago In this Blog Post


Well it’s happening today and I can’t wait to show you all the pictures. See you later Befit Divas and Divos! Love ya… remember to shine every damn day.

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