Fitness New Year’s Resolution Ideas for ANYONE to Try



Welcome to a new year. If you don’t know, well I’m not the biggest fan of New Year’s resolutions and I actually think they are for suckers. If you only plan for new year resolutions the ummm we need to talk and if you start New Year’s resolution and never complete not even 1 of them then we have a bigger problem. Let’s do this, let’s talk about fitness New Year’s resolution that anybody or darn near anyone can do. The list is for suggestion and idea purposes your do not have to complete every single one, that would be nice but I would like you to do at least 3. In any combination I believe any 3 of these could change your life tremendously just by selecting and completing. Let’s get in to it.

Fitness New Year Resolutions Anyone can try (or darn near anyone)

#1 Train for a 5k | Read my blog post about how I trained for a 5k. Now you don’t have to be competitive to train and complete a 5k but you do have to be committed and make it fun.

#2 Have a food journal | Use a food journal to log how you eat and how you eat or how you feel when you get hungry. A food journal is an awesome way to check your nutrition pattern. You can do this physically or electronically

Google Play Store: MyFitnessPal

Apple iTunes: MyFitnessPal

#3 Create a workout schedule | Choose the days and or times when you will work out and try your best to stick to it

#4 Meditate | Try it or if you already do it go deeper. Medication eases the mind and make it a habit| Download the simple habit app

#5 Group Fitness Class | Group Fitness Classes are my weight loss love. You should try one out. Check your local gym for your gym for classes or purchase a fun DVD to try out. Try a sample of my favorite body combat.

 #6 Wake up early or earlier | This may not be super easy but try to wake up earlier and DO NOT HIT THE SNOOZE button, this ties into manifestation. If you hit snooze to start your day in essence you may be hitting snooze on your life… always think deeper.

#7 Do a 3 Day Detox | There is always a debate on whether or not a detox is needed or legit research on it. I say talk to your local physician, nutritionist or dietician before you start any detox. Yes I have done a detox/cleanse before. I believe are not for everyone but maybe worth trying. Always have an after plane for any detox or cleanse.

#8 Track your journey | Document your journey it always feels good to know where you started and where you are or can be.

#9 Drink more water | There are so many benefits from drinking more water like your skin can get better or it helps curve your appetite for hunger.

#10 Buy something new for a #nonscalevictory | The scale is not the only factor when you are losing weight. Take into consideration a piece of clothing or measurements to see if you are having success with your weight loss goals.


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