How to Dominate 2018 like a BOSS | Plan for 2018

2018 is here or damn near here! It’s time for YOU to think about how you will FUCKING DOMINATE 2018 like a BOSS and set yourself up to takeover 2018 (That was harsh but I had to get your attention, curse words usually do the trick) . There is no time for fluff, bullshit or some poetic crap about letting the year be what it will be you better take 2018 by the ears and ride this think like a mechanical bull on high speed.



Listen (READ)

YOU WILL NOT LET THE YEAR JUST HAPPEN or be what it will be. You will plan to make the year exactly what YOU WANT IT to be but you have to get clear about what you want out of 2018 and each area of your life.

  1. Career
  2. Education
  3. Relationships/Social
  4. Health
  5. Finances
  6. Spiritual

Ask YOURSELF these questions for each area

  1. Are you happy?
  2. What can you change/not change?
  3. Are you committed making the change? (my favorite question)
  4. How would making this change, improve your life?
  5. What are 3 small steps you can take NOW towards change?

Get clarity on your goals

Step 1:

Name 3 things you dislike in each area.

Name 3 things you like in each area.

Step 2:

Re-Answer all the questions below about each area of your life (see if anything differs from before)

Are you happy in each area?

What can you change? What can you not change?

Are you committed to change what you dislike? (MY FAVORITE QUESTION)

Step 3:

List which areas of your life you want to work on. Place in order from most important to important. Notice I did not say to least important because I believe every area in our life is important, there are some areas in our life that needs more attending to that the rest, that’s all. Also notice I said which areas you want to work on, you may not need help on all areas you may just want to work on 1 or 3, who knows you better than you.

Step 4:

Write down 2 small goals for each area a few and not all of your life

Write down 1 large goals for each area of your life

Here is the thing we all make too many plans, myself included and when things aren’t accomplished we feel like failures (well some of us) so I don’t want you to

Step 5:

List all those goals together in a list and wa-la you have all the goals you will go after and accomplish in 2018.

If you need a goal planning guide to walk you through this process no sweat, I got your back. Below my new ultimate goal guide. A gift from me to you so make sure to print out 2 or 3 guides  so you can sketch out then re-write and start planning your goals NOW.

>>Get your Ultimate Goal Guide here<<

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