How to live a Fit, Glam, Life during a Pandemic

Did you ever think we would be here? Forced to wear a mask and gloves. Stand 6 ft from everyone and put yourself on self quarantine. Nope, probably not in a million years, right? Well we are here now. The COVID-19 has taken over. Many of our cities and states are shut down. We can’t go anywhere but to get gas, shop for groceries, grab food from a restaurant or fast food place (if they are even open, please support your local shops if you can) Point is we are not about to be in a uncertain time we and slap dab in the middle of an uncertain time with no site of this stay at home order being lifted anytime soon. Now many of us have become bored, uneasy and begin to have cabin fever. Let’s follow the rules and stay in if we can (unless your job is an essential job, and if so we thank you for all you do #socialworkersrock) 

Let’s talk about how you can live a fit, glam, life while we  are experiencing this pandemic: 


As to fitness, you can still remain fit while stuck in the house. You can 

  • Go for a walk, something to get the heart pumping

  • Go for a run, train for a 5k

  • Grab a DVD and work out in you living room or room. Here are my faves

Bodycombat DVD

Bodycombat YouTube


As to glam, you can still keep it cute even if we have to stay home 

  • Create a skin care routine, need a skin care routine watch the video I made for my skincare


  • Time to clean out that closet. If you don’t wear it, it does not fit or its damaged it’s time to let it go


  • Do a yoni steam, it reduces stress and increases energy


As to life, you have goals to accomplish or just life stuff you need to get done this is better time than ever to get it done (I mean this is probably the most down time that any of us have had in life) 

  • Sort out your goals. Write them down . Grab your planner


  • Read something good for the soul, currently re-reading psycho cybernetics


  • Learn a new recipe, time to cook or bake for your family or self. Honey Lemon pepper wings anyone?


Now its your turn! How are you living a fit, glam, life under our current circumstances?


My current tips with love 💋

Get your mask from a trust provider

Where your gloves 

Stay in the house as much as possible 

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