How to go from Ms. Independent to Feminine

An independent woman is a self-motivated woman who sees no need for a man and takes responsibility for her actions. In fact, she buys her own things, pays the bills, and doesn't feel the need for anyone's approval. Since the boom of feminism in the '80s, there has been a major emphasis placed on equality … Continue reading How to go from Ms. Independent to Feminine

Happy 4th Blogiversary Q&A

How time flies? Here is the current confusion wordpress says I started 5 years ago but to my recollections it was 4 years ago but here is what happened. I purchased my domain and created the blog 5 years ago but it took me a whole year to actually hit publish on my first blog … Continue reading Happy 4th Blogiversary Q&A

How to be Confident as a Woman [9 Ways]

Confidence is simply defined as a feeling of being sure of one's abilities. It is an inner consciousness that you are capable of doing something in a secure and realistic way, rather than feeling superior to others. As a woman, it is very important to build your confidence because it prepare you for the experiences … Continue reading How to be Confident as a Woman [9 Ways]