How to be Confident as a Woman [9 Ways]

Confidence is simply defined as a feeling of being sure of one’s abilities. It is an inner consciousness that you are capable of doing something in a secure and realistic way, rather than feeling superior to others. As a woman, it is very important to build your confidence because it prepare you for the experiences of life, and a lack of this virtue can hold you back from reaching your full potential. If you are confident, you are more like to go far in life.

Women with low confidence are unlikely to reach out to new people or try new things. For instance, if they fail at executing a task, they often relent and are less  likely to try again. One thing is certain; people who believe in themselves and confident have upper hand over the skittish and doubtful people because they make things happen and inspire others.

According to Henry Ford, “if you think you can, you are right, and if you think you can’t, you are also right.” This notion implies that what you think of yourself has a strong effect on your abilities. A study conducted at the University of Melbourne shows that confident people are more influential and earn higher wages than anyone else. Also, being confident as a woman will set you apart in the society.

It is important to note that confidence is not in-born, and no one has it all the time. Women especially have difficulty developing self-confidence and they unconsciously focus on everyone else except themselves. Therefore, you are encouraged as a woman to take time to develop your confidence. However, this development should be passive and not too confident or daring.

When we turn on the TV or read papers, we come across many women with great self-confidence such as Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Madame curie, Sandra O’Connor and others. The question is; how do they create the belief and push the limit of their potentials? How do they continue even at the risk of failure and public humiliation? Therefore, in  this masterpiece, you will learn how to be confident as a woman, which is very important in reaching your full potential.

1.Believe in yourself

Has anyone ever gave you a compliment about the things you do great but because its minor to you, you just brush it off? Well its time to pay attention to the great things about you and what you do.

When your capabilities and skills are recognized by people and they praise you, it has a way of boosting your confidence, so far you believe that you merit the good things said about you. But if you doubt the praises of people about what you do, then that is the exact opposite of confidence. Therefore to be genuinely confident, you have to believe in yourself and what you are capable of. It is only through your talents and skills you will get that belief, which is achieved by learning and practicing. Also, high self esteem and confidence is important in moving forward in life, and it helps us discover and develop our potentials. In addition, confidence gets even stronger when we know what we are capable of, and proud of our achievements.


2.Cultivate your purpose

In life, everyone has a purpose. Whether it is to render help to the poor, motivate or encourage people, be a voice for something, be a leader, there is something that you are meant be that will make a great impact on the people around you and the world at large. As a woman, you should know exactly what you want, know your purpose, walk in accordance with it, and when you do that it shows and no one can confuse you. This will in-turn boost your confidence.


3.Stop taking things too personal

Currently, our world is full of negativity even in the way people speak to us and in the way the world works. As a result, there are people that will try to bring you down either through their words or their actions. But do not let them. Ignore little things and don’t take them personal. They are there to steal your joy and it’s not worth it.


4. Prioritize self-care

Some persons claim they don’t have the time to follow that self-care routine, don’t be like them, and take care of you! How can you function if you don’t? Get your nails done, rest up, get your hair done and look good, get a proper facial, listen to podcasts, read books that keep you on track or whatever it is that help you look good. This will go a long way in improving your confidence.

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5.Listen more than you speak.

Confident people talk less and listen more. This is because they don’t see the need to always prove a point. You are more likely to grow and learn when you listen more.  Rather than talking and trying to prove your worth to others, let your works speak for you, and when it does, people will respect you. This will in-turn boost your confidence.


6. Happiness from within

To be confident, happiness is a crucial element and for you to be confident in what you do, you need to be happy with yourself doing it. Confident people out there derive their sense of satisfaction from their own achievements. Therefore, when you are happy, you are bound to be confident.


7.Take responsibility for yourself

This is an important formula for boosting self confidence. You are responsible for your life and only you can make positive things come your way. You will be waiting for a long time if you wait for luck to bring you good fortune.  Therefore, the path to self confidence is what you must travel and no one else will do it for you.


8.Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself with something you would love to do if only you had more confidence. Go on with a little push and do it. After you have done that, pick another challenge and repeat the same process. Your confidence will grow as you take these forward steps.

9.Build a confident mindset

If you hear yourself saying ” I can’t”, refrain it and say “Yes I can.” or you could say “I can learn this or do this if I focus on it.”

Confidence does not grow overnight, you have to take conscious steps in making it happen. Besides, being confident and feeling beautiful are both entitlements of a woman. Don’t ever guess that fact.

Now its your turn, what ways do you build confidence? 

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