Revving my engine: vroom vroom- Weight Loss

So the summer is approximately 3 weeks.

Proud moment I can actually loose weight which I never thought I could before.

I want to get more focused on being consistent with

  • Calorie Intake 1200 Calories
  • Workout 45 minutes at least
  • Meal planning for dinner
  • Snack control

I want to challenge myself to be consistent for 30 days and that is starting today!

Yes the next 30 days I will focus on the things I stated above and document it for 30 days.

Documenting my journey has been a struggle.

Start: 5/28/15 Weigh-in lbs:190 lbs… updates to come

End: 6/28/15 To be announced

This is about weight-loss and the goal is to be 175lbs the end of this challenge

This is my #heartofaWARRIOR challenge


TO HAVE HEART:Β to never lose heart, faith, strength,or anything related to those.(According to the Urban Dictionary)

WARRIOR: a person who fights in battles and is known for having courage and skill.(According to the Merriam Dictionary)

Can I prove to myself that I can stick to something for 30 days? Can I keep up with documenting?

How do you document your journey? Β Do you use apps, social media or journal? Have you done any 30 day challenge?

Would anyone like to join me?

Comment, like, subscribe, or share!



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