This thing will hinder you

It keeps you tied down. It keeps you complacent and content. Sometimes it may even feel like you can’t breathe with this thing holding you back. It is silently strangling you and you may not even know it. The thing that I am talking about is your comfort zone. Yes that personal space we stay in to play it safe and not shake up our lives or the people close to us.

If you don’t step outside your comfort zone you are committing spiritual suicide- Les Brown

The truth is the great things we want from life are just one step out side of out comfort zone. Get out of your zone and start making things happen in your life.

Step outside of your comfort zone

  • Take one small step toward something you thought you would never do before
  • Ask yourself, why am I playing it safe ?
  • Look around at anyone who has stepped out side their comfort zone , don’t they have a different pep in their step
  • Ask yourself , do you believe in you ?
  • ACTIONS: Make that phone call, speak to that person, send that email, attend that training, go to that event, take that trip, take that promotion or transfer, apply for that school or job, take that test … ONE OF THESE ACTIONS COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE and open wonderful opportunities.

Don’t be afraid to burst out of your comfort zone.

Don’t let your comfort zone hinder you, let it enlighten you and show you what you have been missing

Share 1 way you will step out of your comfort zone this weekend.

Happy Friday!!

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Photo Credit: kimscounselingcorner

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