The scale and your body will trick you.

Well I for one have been bamboozled many of times, walking around claiming one weight just to wake up the next morning 2 to 3 pounds up.

What the heck??!!? yes I know weighing can be tricky.

Best time to weigh is in for me is morning and and post morning workout.

I will not say “DON’T WEIGH IN EVERYDAY” because you will probably do it anyway but what I will say is

  • Pick 1 day out the week to record a solid weigh in (Mine is Saturday morning)
  • Its okay if you are 2 pounds up one morning because our body fluctuates (water weight, stress and other things that can cause our bodies to go haywire)
  • Don’t be discouraged
  • Keep eating right and getting some exercise in
  • Ease your mind by not focusing so much on the # on the scale but how you feel

You are feeling good and looking good that’s all you need to know 🙂

You are doing it and I am proud of your for sticking with it despite the scale.

The scale is not the enemy but its not the holy-grail either.

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Photo Credit: Memecrunch

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