How to Level up Mentally [7 Things to do]


 This is a tough question to answer. Let’s get this out the way the term “ level up” has been overused, distorted and misconstrued. Between ciara’s song and other people sharing their version of level up, the term itself has become very superficial along with self love and self care but no worries I’ll be making a post about those terms too but for now lets stick to this. There are all these videos and think pieces  about “leveling up” by doing your makeup, buy new clothes, shop at the high end stores and buy luxury things (which I am all for BUT). It’s not until you level up mentally that all those things listed above make sense to you and will naturally come to you. I mean I have a planner called the “ planner” so I support the level up movement but let’s first talk about the mindset. 


How to level up mentally 

Self evaluation– Let’s start with you. You have to evaluate where you are. One of the questions I ask myself daily (sometimes I answer myself) is “self how do you feel?”  This is a REAL question ask yourself how do you feel in a moment and not do avoid how you feel but flow through how you feel because only you can truly say how you feel. Here is a secret it’s okay if you feel down, sad and depressed because real life is we going through things that can cause different types of feelings. But if you ever do feel down, sad and depressed for a long period of time it may be time to talk it out. Personally I think some of us have a over inflated image of ourselves but we need to step back and evaluate ourselves before others bluntly do it for us. 

Talk it out/cry it out– Depending on your situation you may need to talk it out whole other situations may call for a good cry. Sometimes a good ole tear good wash away the feelings. Also talking it out over a tall latte or glass of wine is an option to get your feelings out. If you ever feel that you need someone to talk to on a deeper level you can always try a therapist, counselor or psychologist.Sometimes you may feel like you can’t talk to a friend or family member, that’s when you seek help and there is no shame in speaking to a professional or attending a support group. 

Spiritual connect– Whatever you believe in please become intune with that. Whether you have to pray, chant, write a letter or join a group please check your alignment with your higher being. For me I have a prayer journal and every now and again I sit and write a letter to God and ask for him to remove anything heavy from my heart, give me grace and favor daily. Go watch my “how to create a prayer book” video.

Write it out– A good ole pen and paper can change your whole day. Sometimes you have to just write down how you feel. If you are sad-write, if you are happy-write, if you feel confused-write, if your feel overwhelmed with joy- write. Writing helps you jot down your feelings, gives you somewhere to look back on and see how far you have come. Go download journal prompts 

Detox – Put your brain/mind on a  diet. We have to be more careful with the content we take in. The news stations constantly showing horrible stories (yes the stories exist but the news magnify them by 10) Places like twitter give you highlights o 160 characters of other horrible stories even places like Youtube has become such a desensitized place I am surprised they didn’t move toward censoring sooner. My point with this is for you to monitor your online and social media watch time and what you intake. Take time to not check you feed 20 times a day, not like 100 of other people’s photos and stop intaking things that make you feel crappy after watching or reading. 

Organize– Organize your space and minds. An organized space is an organized mine. It may be time to tidy up your personal space so you can think clearer. This maybe a good time to grab a journal and planner. Also check out the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”

Exercise – A few of us struggle with  things like forgetting out keys somewhere or misplacing important documents well exercise can help with brain function and memory. Get up and exercise your body to improve your brain functionality. So get up and move your body. 

( I’m a fitness instructor. I know you know this was going to be on the list. Right? Right. )

Now it’s your turn. Share in the comments how do you level up mentally?

P.S to my befit divas and divos let me address the fact that I have been gone for some months but  I want to thank everyone who has sent me an email, DM, commented and have asked where I have been I missed you guys and I’m back now.

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