4 Things ANYONE Can do to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

Alright let’s get to the bottom of this motivation thing. First, motivation is short lived just so you know. There are times on the weight loss journey you will not be motivated at all. But here are 4 things that anyone can do to help themselves  stay motivated on their fitness journey

#1- Write it down: There is statistics that show that people who write down their goals have much more success than those who do not. So, grab your note book [a cute notebook, I hope] and write down your goals and your why.  1 of my favorites to use it post its. I grab post its and place them where I frequent the most [bedroom, car, desk at work] I put my goals on the post its.

#2- Gift: Get a goal gift for yourself. You can buy something that you can only use or wear when you make it to one of your goals. 1 of my favorite things to do it but a shirt that is one size small and when I reach my goal I can wear it.

#3-Pamper: Plan to do something for yourself that brings you joy and that is a moment of relaxation. You can go to a spa, you can take a bubble bath or go get a massage. 1 of my favorite things to do Is to go to the Jacuzzi and just listen to slow jams. So, plan to do something good for yourself to keep yourself excited about you journey.

#4-Social Media: This is a great time to create a weight loss social media account. This helps you to stay accountable, check in and get as well as give support to others.

I created a Course : How to Lose Weight in 1 month with Social Media this course gives you step by step on how to use social media to lose weight + stay motivated on the journey. Clicked the link and start your weight loss social media account now and make sure to tag me I want to watch your progress too.

Course : How to Lose Weight in 1 month with Social Media



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