Reinventing yourself: 9 ways to change your life for the better

What does it mean to reinvent yourself? It can be a life changing event or being in a complete rut (I’ve been here 2 times before) to lead you to deciding to reinvent yourself. Lets get some disclaimers out the way reinventing yourself will take time ⏰ (30-90 days to see a change), this will take work (what you put in is what you will get out), you will still be you (but a better version) and everyone around you won’t cheer for the better you (or even care for tha matter) and if you are becoming better for someone else just stop 🛑 now (come back to this post when its about YOULevel Up Mentally* with actionable steps) and check out my other blog post about about how to level up mentally >> Link<<

Now that all that is out the way let’s get to it

How do you reinvent yourself physically and mentally?


  1. Read- Depending on what you like you can dive into a good self help book or whatever genre you prefer.
  2. Journal- Many of us have feelings that we may not want to talk about but it could be a great time to write down how you feel. Get those feelings out on paper and keep it to reflect on how far you have come. 
  3. Therapy- Speaking to a professional may be needed depending on what your current situation is. Luckily there are many online options for speaking with a therapist.  Check out better help now >> Link<<
  4. Plan- You have to plan to reinvent yourself. You cannot just wake up and start …well you can but that may not get you the results or sustainability that you are looking for. It may be time to get some help like finding a goal setting system to assist you with creating your plan. Check out the 12 week year now >>Link<<
  5. Pray- Whatever your higher being, source or God is this would be a good time to tap in and ask what you should be working on or changing then add that to your plan to improve on. 


  1. Wardrobe- You don’t have to break the bank but it’s time to get some capsule pieces for the better you. This could include pants, coat, shoes and something different than what you are used to wearing or if you love what you wear it may be time to incorporate more colors in your wardrobe to signify the change that is happening in your life. 
  2. Body- I used the word body because this could be you losing weight, gaining weight, building muscle or something to that effect but this is the best time to better your body because it will be a different body the re-invented you gets to be in. 
  3. Health- It’s time for you to go to the medical doctor, dentist, optometice or whatever else you need to be in the best health that you can be in. Know where you stand with your help, do preventive or reactive work in any of these areas that are the most important to you .
  4. Declutter- All the stuff you don’t need has got to go. This includes clothes, shoes, furniture or things that you have no use for should be given away or sold to make space for all the new things coming to the better, new, and improved you. This also includes digitally as well old emails, people you no longer speak to or what you watch on social media have to go if they do not serve the better, new, and improved you. 

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