How to Change Your Life in 30 day?

Can you change your life in 30 days? Well can you?!? Of course you can but for many of us we are looking for the big wins and the truth is change will come anytime whether its in 30 days or 365 days will take small changes over time. Now the 3 things I will share with you to try are minor but for many of us M A J O R because we do them so frequently we will have to consciously make an effort to M A K E a change.


3 Things you can start practicing now to change your life in 30 days are 

  1. NO– This is 1 sentence. Just say no. PERIOD. Now I know this is not easy. I am a recovering-people-please so I know it’s hard to say but you will thank yourself later for using your NO’s more people this will keep you out of promises you didn’t mean to make and awkward moments where you wish you would have said no but you said yes [side note: use your yes’s more also, say yes to the things you usually say no to}
  2. Schedule– It’s time to change your schedule or for some of us just creating one would be a good place to start. Many of us are better off when our day has direction and not let the day just happen to us but just plan it. 
  3. Power of 3– Along with #2 your schedule. You may want to stop packing your schedule with 100 things to do and just bring it down to 3 main things to do for a day. Many of us only end up doing 3 to5 things a day anyway so its better to prioritize 3 because it will set you free.


Now go and put these 3 things into action and let me know if you life change over the next 30 days


It’s your turn what things have you done to change your life?


Remember, if no one has told you lately. I am so proud of you!

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