How to be High Value during uncertain times

A pandemic has hit the US. Never been a part of one of these before but I have been through tough times. Now tough times depend on your upbringing, socioeconomic status and employment. While others are in panic and we are aware that there are lots of things happening around us and we should be cautious but don’t let the current status of the economy throw you off of being your best and authentic self. These times shall pass we may not know when but the surety is that they will. 

Here are 5 ways you can stay high value during uncertain times 


  1. Protect your energy- Yes we are aware that there are things happening around us and the last thing you need is someone constantly perpetuating and reminding you of how bad things are. I am not saying ignore what is going on around you but please keep your social distance from people who are “alarmist” people constantly in a panic there for causing you to panic. Keep these people at a bay from  you and your energy. [Watch my recent video “can i change my life in 30 days”]
  2. Be nice- Everyone is on edge already. A smile may help someone or a helping hand in something that you can offer or something may need now is the best time to remain optimistic and know the things will get better and share that sunshine with others. 
  3. Learn something- It’s time to use your time wisely and productively. If you have always wanted to list something this is the best time because you have time to do so. Best suggestion would be to learn something that you love and could eventually use to make some extra money [ Here are some recession business ideas]
  4. Cook- Cooking will help with a few things. It gets you in the kitchen, keeping your money and feeding your family or self home made meals. Definitely a good time to learn one of your favorite fast food or restaurant recipes. I just learned how to make Chick fil a nuggets [Try it yourself
  5. Money management- It is a good time to budget. It may be time to contact your providers and ask for extension or deferments if necessary. It is time to create an emergency fund and build towards it. It’s a good time to create a budget and a shopping list and stick to it. I have been officially stuffing envelopes now for 3 weeks and it has been working for me. [example of envelope stuffing

What ways are you remaining high value during this time of uncertainty?

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