How to Manage Haters on Your Feminine Journey

The word femininity or feminine are hot right now but here is a secret for many of us it’s been a thing and something we are actively working on. From your appearance, fitness and life goals it has already been a thing but when you share with people you are working on your femininity or feminine energy there seems to be a theme for some people not everyone but there is this blow back or hate you may get when people see that you want to change. I am here to tell you. Pay those haters no attentiona and keep on your feminine journey.

My suggestions to handle the haters

  1. Your why is your business not anyone else’s. Keep it to yourself because it is highly likely you will be judged for your true why. For example if you are starting you feminine journey for a spouse or social climbing. People WILL JUDGE YOU. They will say they wont but they will so just say nothing at all so you dont have to subject yourself to critiscim.
  2. Move in silence. People can’t judge what they don’t know about. If you don’t tell peole you are You don’t owe anyone an explanation about the direction of your life.
  3. Find a tribe to share your ups and downs when needed. Sisterhood in this journey is important. When you share a defeat or a praise with a hater they may find a way to be negative about it whether you are shareing good news or not. So find other women who are doing the same thing you’re doing and congragate with them.

Your turn. Have you experienced hate on your feminine journey ?

Check out the recent Video + Blog Post “Hate Management for your Femininity Journey” 



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