How to be Interdependent in a Feminine Way

Interdependence is a situation where two or more people equally depends on each other and also keep a solid state of self within the relationship. In a good relationship the man and woman both depend on each in other to get the maximum benefits. In this article we are going to be talking about how to be interdependent in a feminine way.

Females are a major key part of interdependence in a relationship because they are depended on for many things namely

Interesting intimate conversation

Conversations are one of the major things that keep a relationship active. They help you know your partner more than any one. Constant conversation helps you know your partner problems, worries and fears. Conversation also helps you to know what to tell you partner to calm him or her down in times of distress and worries.

Female are very good at starting interesting conversions and these conversations helps to build a solid relationship. It’s been observed a person who is good at starting interesting and funny conversation is more attractive than one who has other fascinating qualities like beauty.

Boost self esteem                                 

Self-esteem is used to describe a person’s overall sense of confidence in one’s own worth In other words it means how much one appreciate and like himself. Self-esteem can be greatly influenced by your interdependence in your partner.

A good female builds her partner self-esteem by being there for him all the time. A man with a woman at his side has a higher self-esteem, and he is said to be a better version of his self. She also help him adjust his clothing like knotting his tie, and she is also being the first person to tell him he looks good which goes a long way to boost his confidence. She is also the one that gives birth to children and raise them side by side with him. And these kids go a long way to boost their self-esteem.  And her self-esteem is also boosted by his presence.

Active listening

In a healthy relationship there needs to be an active listener for conversations to flow well. A good listener is a person who listens carefully to everything you are saying and give an adequate response that is best suited for the conversation.

Females are good listeners they listings to the conversation of their partner and know exactly what say to do to calm the situation

Being open and approachable

Being open and approachable is being easily talked to by other people who expect a positive response from you, not everyone is easily approached but In a good relationship one’s partner should be easily approached in order for there to be togetherness.

Females are easily approached by their partners, because she doesn’t make them feel like she is being disturbed by his presence. She creates an environment of trust where you can tell your deepest secret in confidence that it will be safe. It gives you a sense of trust and this makes you always want to be near your partner because you can say anything without being judged.


Interdependence is something you can hardly do with out for two people to coexist in a relationship there need to be interdependence. Interdependence also brings about devising of labor because there are some things that are done best by the man and others that are done best by the woman so when they work together they build healthy family.

Interdependence also helps to give the children a good up bringing because there are some parts of the child life where a man is needed and also a part where a woman is needed. It’s been proven that a child brought up by both parents usually ends up better than those brought up by one parent.

At the end of the day 

I will say that interdependence depends mainly on the woman and how she is able to use the presence of her partner to provide a healthy environment to raise her children, and also make her partner a better version of him self.

A woman also gains for an interdependent relationship because she feels safe having a man at her side and feels happy having her children and watching them grow up.

Your turn. What ways are you Interdependent?

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