Dating while losing weight (somethings to think about)

Dating overall is daunting. Dating in the digital age is ever more daunting. And add on the fact that you are plus size to this mix. For those who are plus ide or have been plus size there might a fact that you don’t have many pictures, maybe feeling inadequate in the dating space with all the nuances, you are unsure if some wants to date you plus size and then you have to put yourself “out there” while maybe not feeling so great about yourself. 

First things first no after what your size please date from a place of strength and when you feel good about yourself. You gotta love yourself and treat yourself right so that other people follow you with that. 

Now let’s get to why you scrolled here which are 5 things to think about dating while losing weight 

Online Profiles: 

If you are going to date while losing weight and be online dating the rule of thumb seems to be no pictures that are more than 3 months old. Yes, I too have used old pictures and it was wrong of me to do so. So that you show your authentic self and people don’t feel “catfished”. 

(Do yourself a favor, use recent full-body pictures, and be willing to video chat)


Those who are losing weight can agree that priorities such as wine tasting vs the gym OR a salad or a burger are a big deal and need to line up with your priorities. These priorities should be shared with the person you are dating because you want to let them know what your priorities are and let them know you are not putting the on the back burner but you have priority. (Your person will understand what you are trying to do) 


Unfortunately, most people’s go-to date options are going out to eat. There is nothing wrong with going out to eat but if you are eating specific things, at certain times or trying to avoid certain trigger foods you should share that because you don’t want to be placed in an awkward situation. 

Quick storytime. I was doing 75 hard (check out my post here) and I was dating. I shared what I was doing with the program. He chose a wonderful restaurant but he ran late and moved our date from 6 to 8 pm. Well, I stopped eating at 8 (side-eye) then it was all-you-can-eat. I’m watching what I eat so how being at an all-I-can-eat Brazilian steakhouse was not good. He also seemed a bit upset because I did not eat a lot and he paid a pretty penny for us to go to this restaurant. 

(Try to go on dates that don’t include food so that you can stick to your weight loss) 


You don’t have to share your specific goals such as I want to lose 50 pounds or I wasn’t to get shredded by whatever date but people should know you have an overall fitness goal this is why you workout on these days or eat this way so they are informed and respect that you have goals. 


You will change when you lose weight. Yes, I know you say you won’t but you will but for the positive. You may begin to have more confidence, dress differently, act differently, and even do different things. The person you are dating may like you as you are or the infamous “I like the old you” aka the plus size you. You have to think, will your person still like you when you lose weight or will it be an issue later on when you become successful?

(Watch the video about how I got treated after I lost weight by men)

Also, think about these things dating while losing weight 

  • Some people may date you and keep you a secret 
  • Some people may date you as a fetish (if that’s your thing then enjoy yourself) 
  • Some people you may date could think you have insecurities that they can use to manipulate you
  • Some people you date may think they can give you bare minimum effort because you’re plus size 
  • Some people you date may try to sabotage your progress 

Listen to other people’s points of view on Dating while losing weight

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