Let’s start with not confusing this with a life of luxury or like some challenges won’t present themselves. But you have a choice in living a softer life and I would like share with you some actionable things yo0u can incorporate in your life to start living a bit more softer and peaceful. Since this is a thing now I wanted to give me input. I did a video 2 years ago and I spoke about how have a Soft Summer of 2018. Of course its a video I removed from my Youtube channel because it didn’t get many views and now I’m thinking maybe I should have kept the video.

Anywho lets talk about how you can live a softer life

Power of 3: Use an index card or post write down the 3 thing you need to get completed for today. You dont have to write three but your limit it

Use Yes or No wisely: Say yes to things that you can enjoyb or completed. Say no to things you have doubts about or you dont have as much details.

Night routine: Have things you prepare the day before to start your next day off riight. Try it tonight (what applies to you). Get gas, clean up your space beforr you go to sleep, lay out your clothes, prepare your bags for the next day (purse, wallet, lunch, gym ,laptop) charge your electronics, put your keys some where visble, set your alamr and have a bedtime. You next day should run smoother becasue you prepped the night before.

I dont want to overwhelme you with anything else. Take the next couple of weeks to implement these tips and see if you life becomes softer.

Read April Mason’s book “Identity Switch : Becoming the women who gets what she wants” and join her online community All Things Feminine app

Apple store: All things feminine

Goodgle play store: All things feminine

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