Happy 4th Blogiversary Q&A

How time flies? Here is the current confusion wordpress says I started 5 years ago but to my recollections it was 4 years ago but here is what happened. I purchased my domain and created the blog 5 years ago but it took me a whole year to actually hit publish on my first blog post. I did a giveaway on my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/gojenbefit[make sure you subscribe] and I asked the Befitfam what questions they have for me so let’s jump into them now. 

#1 Question: What was the hardest part of your journey blogging over the past four years? 

Me: The hardest part was not feeling like I had anything to share. I felt like I was not on my weightloss journey anymore so maybe people didn’t want to read what I had to say anymore but the Befitfam proved me wrong when they would contact me asking me when I was coming back or telling me how some of the lifestyle stuff I talked about helped them. I went on a 8 month hiatus and you guys came back to read just like I never left. 

#2 Question: Will you do more femenine tip videos? 

Me: Yes. I kinda feel like there are so many people talking about femininity or how to be feminine I just want to make sure I am adding something worth wild to the conversation and I also don’t want to look like a band wagoner. Check my videos I been talking about this from 3 years ago. 

#3 Question: Can you share your skincare routine? 

Me: Well I actually have video on my skin care routine. I use cucumber soap + pure coconut oil or black soap + raw shea butter. Not all at the same time but I interchange. I wash my face with warm water, put cucumber soap or black soap with a clarisonic leave the soap on my face for 15 minutes. Then I wash it off with warm water, Let my face dry, then apply either shea butter or coconut oil. I do this 3 times a week. Best results for me was when I reduced my soda and juice to once a week and increased my water to at least 64 oz a day. 

#4 Question: When is the next fitness challenge? 

Me: I’m unsure about this. I only want to do a challenge with people that are serious about their fitness. Lots of people say they want a challenge and they are really not for real. If there is a challenge I am thinking Fall of 2020 but no promises. 

#5 Question: Who are the people historically and personally that have inspired you? 

Me: My grandmother. It’s been 3 years since she has been gone and when I think about her I shed tears or joy. Tears because it still hurts to know I can’t joke and be my silly self with her just to tell me to leave her alone while laughing but the joy comes from me thinking of all the things that she has instilled in me from the way I clean my house on sundays, too cooking from the heart making sure people are feed before you and interaction with people no matter how they treat you. My grandmother use to tell me ” you haf fi work hard for you living” didn’t understand what she meant but as an adult trying to make my way in the world I get it completely. 

Read my life lessons I learned from my grandma or auntie manda as many called her.

6 Life Lessons I learned from My Grandma

Now your turn. What do you want to see from the blog over the next year? 


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