How to go from Ms. Independent to Feminine

An independent woman is a self-motivated woman who sees no need for a man and takes responsibility for her actions. In fact, she buys her own things, pays the bills, and doesn’t feel the need for anyone’s approval.

Since the boom of feminism in the ’80s, there has been a major emphasis placed on equality between both sexes, and young women are being taught to be independent and less feminine. Therefore, shorter hair became trendy and women began to strive for a position of power. This is not bad afterall, but the downfall is that you start to believe that in order to succeed, you must become more masculine, which in a way you are giving up your unique power as a woman. Furthermore, each time you deny your female body of its functions, you become disconnected from your body and less connected to femininity.

Why you should be Feminine?

You should consider being more feminine because the woman nature is in you, it’s in your biology and a great way to celebrate that is embracing your femininity. You are not doing it for anyone other than yourself. As a woman, you should be conscious of the fact that you are unique and beautiful in your own way. Even though you are doing it for yourself, it will positively affect everyone in your life, and your children will have great memories of their beautiful and vibrant mother who is not overwhelmed and frumpy. Also, your partner will appreciate you more and might up his game. Therefore, if you have been wondering how to change from being an independent woman to feminine, then this masterpiece is just for you.  Below are complications of what you need to do.


 Be aware that feminine has nothing to do with accomplishment or success

Femininity doesn’t mean you can’t be powerful, assertive, successful, or smart. Everyone, whether female or male exists somewhere between masculinity and femininity and no one exists as both. This is good because both sides are complementary, which is very important for a well-balanced life. Therefore, if you still have that feeling of independence, then you are denying yourself the power of a woman.

Connect with your senses

The use of your senses of sight, touch, sound, taste, and smell will help you ground into your body. You should be aware that thinking isn’t a sense and when you think too much, you get stuck in your head. Therefore, if you want to be your real self and escape the nature of being independent, then you have to free your mind from thinking mode and start feeling things with your senses. You also need to pay more attention to sensual aspects even the most mundane and simple activities. You could take a stroll in the woods, walking barefoot, or any other activities that will connect you to mother nature. By doing so, you will be connected to your divine femininity.

Follow your intuition

Following your intuition in this process is very important because it is your internal guide. Although everyone has intuition, they are different from yours. Your intuition is your superpower. This is why you need to be connected to your body. When you trust and follow your intuition, you will become more intuitive. Therefore, an intuitive life will help you discover your purpose, create happiness for you, and make an impact. In addition, rather than paying attention to people’s opinions on femininity, believe in yourself because only you know what’s good for you.

Love and accept yourself

If a woman is operating from her masculine version, she becomes  resentful, exhausted with diminished sexual polarity, which will make her unhappy. In fact, an independent woman will not feel fulfilled because she’s not being true to who she really is. Therefore she contends with struggle, resistance and try to fill herself in other ways, simply because she rejected her true self. So,  if you want to embrace femininity, it is important to start by loving and accepting yourself for who you really are. You also need to stop seeing feminine as being inferior to masculine, which is not true, the feminine is equal and they are both complementary. In fact, feminine is required to bring harmony, and also balance masculine. Therefore, love yourself for who you are because both are important.

Get out of your head

You have to think less and feel more if you want to be connected to your femininity. By paying attention to your body, you will know when you are doing something that doesn’t serve you or when you are not getting what you need. This is not done through sensation in your mind but in your inner body. Sometimes different thoughts run through your mind, but this can be a way by which your body tries to get your attention. Therefore, spending time alone is a good way to be in tune with your femininity. Moreover, your intuition, emotions, and body are all allies. Therefore, take quiet time, relax, and get out of your own head.

Spend time with other women

Spending time with other women is another great way to embrace femininity. Women are meant to nurture and support each other. In time past, women learned from their aunts, sisters, mothers, and grandmothers. These were women who shared responsibilities and help others to grow. But today, women often stay on their own, even though they have partners, they are missing the wisdom of generations and womanly support that should be passed to them. Therefore, to reconnect with feminine, spend quality time with other women. Furthermore, women feel safe and nurtured in a female environment. Hence, it is important you have a clique of women that support you and share true womanhood and femininity with you.


Your turn. What ways do you remain feminine?

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