5 food Items that make weightloss less BLAH

For some of us weight loss sucks. Its boring. The fun gets taken out of eating. The food can be repetitive. The restrictions can cause anyone to go back to eating whatever they want. The alternatives can make cravings unbearable. But there are 5 items that can make the restrictions feel less intense.

5 items that make weight loss less blah are


  1. Honey (cost $1-2): Honey can be a great alternative to lessen the sugar intake. Honey can be used in oatmeal, tea or even on toast. This is a great way to satisfy the sweet toot
  2. Tea (cost $1-2): Water is great but some days it needs a little spice. Not just plain ole tea but take it a step further flavored tea. There are so many like mango tea, pomegranate tea and sweet ginger peach tea this just to name a few. Spice up your water and bring the tea to the party
  3. Almond milk (cost $3-4): Almond milk is low in calories compared to regular milk, a better option for those lactose intolerant, great to add to your beverage or cereal
  4. Enchilada sauce (cost $2-4): You can swap out drenching your salad with ranch and use 1/4 of a cup of this on your salad. Low in calories, watch the sodium and you get 4 times more dressing on your salad than you would than if you were to use ranch dressing
  5. Cucumbers (cost $1-2): You can have 1 cup of sliced pieces for only 16 calories . Oh snap whaaaattttttt!!!! Its great as a snack, you can crunch away and this goes great with turkey bacon


  1. Turkey Bacon (Cost $3-4): Turkey bacon is low in calories, please watch the sodium. Great for a snack, add to a sandwich or eat it with veggies or eggs. Good protein source.

What foods do you use to make your weight loss not feel so restrictive?

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Photo Credit: Diane Carbonell

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