Wasting my EDUCATION has hurt me :(

I don’t know if I am the only one who has experienced gaining lots of  education and doing nothing with it.

I have gotten my BA then later on a MA as well as 2 certifications and 1 currently in progress and what have I done with all this great and EXPENSIVE education


Just last week I was asked will I get a credential and a PHD.

Wait 1 darn second I haven’t even used what I have and now you are asking me questions about a doctoral degree and a credential

Oh hecks to the NO..

Gaining all this education and doing nothing with it SUCKS, IT BOTHERS ME AND I NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

And I have no one else to blame for this but myself. I have hidden under degrees and certs for too long. No more schooling for me but time to do something with what I have.

It starts with taking responsibility and

  • Branding myself ( I have a Linked in but the information and photo are outdated)
  • Getting active on social media ( Yes I am 27 and I deactivated FB about more than a year ago, just opened an instagram that I post nothing on and I have a twitter but haven’t posted anything there either)
  • Networking ( I know some amazing and influential people but I don’t socialize with them)
  • Believing in my higher purpose ( To get others to the highlights of their life through training, consulting and goal setting)
  • Applying my self( how can I say I want to make a career transition but I have not applied to positions I see or I procrastinate so much that I let due dates of application come and go)

Do me a favor don’t be like me and collect degrees and certificates and then they end up just being decorations on your wall or parents wall.Whatever you have now STOP AND SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE INSTEAD OF GOING TO COLLECT MORE knowledge.

Please give me your opinion on branding, being active on social media, networking , purpose and applying one’s self.

Have you ever experienced something like this?

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2 thoughts on “Wasting my EDUCATION has hurt me :(

  1. jlstanding says:

    Put in everything you’ve got and just go for it; never run from something because you don’t believe in yourself or because you’re afraid. You’re human and you’re magic and you can do this!

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