3 Words for a Happy Fall season!

Welcome to Fall everyone. The season for holidays, cold weather and taking it easy. If we look at the year in quarters this is 4th quarter. This is the time to decide and declare what the rest of the year will be for you. You have to give some thought to the words that impact you and your decisions. The words you choose can guide you to where you want to be.

Choose 3 words that you will abide by for fall to bring in winter, the rest of 2015. These words should inspire you and have meaning.

My 3 words that I will abide by for Fall to bring in winter, the rest of 2015 are:

Believe– I will believe in myself and what I attempt to do. I must first believe in me before I try or go after anything.

Fearless– I will be fearless for the rest of 2015. Do things that I didn’t think I would do, step outside my comfort zone and expand who I am.

Thankful– Be thankful .. yes many of us can say we are thankful around Thanksgiving or other times but I want to be thankful all the time. Thankful for the Lord giving me another day to see the world. Thankful for family, friends , significant others, co-workers and thankful for people like you who take time to read what others have to say. 

For fall to bring in winter, the rest of 2015 I will believe, be fearless and thankful.

Now I want to know…

What are your 3 words you will abide by for fall, the rest of 2015.

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“get your mind right and your body will be right too”


6 thoughts on “3 Words for a Happy Fall season!

      • shellyray says:

        I think my thought process for bravery was very similar to your use of “fearless”. I like to challenge myself to do things that are risky or outside of my comfort zone, even if they scare me a little bit. But yes, I could definitely expand on that if I write a blog post about it! 🙂


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