How to Set Goals | Goal Setting is for Suckers

Goal setting is a great tool. But there is this new craze that some of us have fallen for. Everyone wants to scream to the top of their lungs in excitement because they have #GOALS but who gives a damn. Wait before you click off let me explain my point of view.

Goal Setting is for SUCKERS!

Yes, I said it and I am sticking by it.

Don’t just be a goal setter be a goal accomplish-er.

What’s the point of having setting 10 goals, proclaiming 10 goals, planning for 10 goals but the execution isn’t there and nothing gets done. Now some of us can admit or say that we have fallen victim to being a

SERIAL GOAL SETTER. (you know the person that sets 100 goals but has accomplished none)

But my friend hear me out lets transition from being goal setters to goal executioners. You know a real fucking “Goal Assassin”

Definition of a Goal assassin: An individual who sets a goal, builds a plan of action and murders that goal to the point of execution.

So, if you plan for goals, set them and don’t accomplish them I beg you to refocus.

Take these 3 steps.

Step 1: Decide on 1-3 goals to accomplish. (Its proven you only need 3 or less goals to go after because anything over 3 goals at a time, one goal will suffer and more than likely won’t get accomplished)

Step 2: For each goal create a plan of action. What you need to do? What you need to get? How long will it take? How will your measure progress?

Step 3: Take 1 massive action or 2 small actions toward each goal every damn day

Now don’t wait any longer, in the comments please share what goal do you plan to accomplish in the next 30-90 days?


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