How Can We Live a Healthy Lifestyle? | 5 Tips

Healthy living, fitness, weight loss and healthy lifestyle change is totally not as complicated as everyone will have your thinking. No all your workouts won’t look like the guru’s, no all your meals won’t look like the cover of foodie magazine and your schedule won’t be perfect like Instagram lifestyle influencers will have you believing.

I’m here to break the news to you.


Meal Prep| Don’t go buy random foods that you will never use again because you saw some youtuber doing it. Just start off with whatever you have in your home. Ask yourself “what can I meal prep with what I already have?” If you do need something from the store there is no harm in going to get it just don’t get shit stuff you don’t need.


My beginner >> meal plan <<that got me results

Workouts| You don’t have to sign up for a tough mudder, 5k or spartan to workout. Just grab a shirt, comfy pants and decent shoes and go walk. If you happen to have a gym membership sign up for a group fitness class at your current fitness level. Workout 3 times for the week don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be.


My favorite workout >> BODYCOMBAT << for life

Water| I like a good soda and energy drink just like the next person but skip a soda and grab some water sometimes. Just increase your water daily or weekly and slowly. I am not saying you must drink a gallon a day but adding an extra cup or two of water to your day will do nothing but benefit you.

download (1)

My favorite>> water bottle <<

Sleep| Some of us work late, stay up to watch shows, browse through social media and we end up missing out on the precious rest our body not only deserves but requires. You need to get in some good rest every week so your body can operate at its optimal level.


My favorite >> soothing water sounds << for sleep

Stress| This is one of the things as adults we can’t avoid even if we paid for it. Stress will find us whether we want to or not so we need to learn manage our stress better. Do yourself a favor and plan to do self-care for yourself once a week. >> Here << is a list of things you can do for self-care. You need to do a wellness check every month to manage your stress and mental health. #Mentalhealthmatters


My favorite >> meditation app << to manage stress

Keep your fitness simple!

Your Favorite Fitness Coach,


-Shine every damn day!

30 Day Weight Loss Plan.png

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Watch the video about living a healthy life

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