3 Tips to get through 75 hard

Rounde #2 DONE. This time around it was different and I went about it differently. This time I used what I learned last time and did some new things. If you wanna read what I did last time just click >>HERE<<

3 tips: Do the task you dread the most 1st, choose a diet that works for you and  take it 1 day at a time.

The things I changed this time were

My diet- I went keto. Yikes. This taught me to find things that can work for me that I like. I did dirty keto. I still stayed under or at 50 carbs but everything I ate was not green and healthy but it worked for me. 

My reading- I decided to get area focused instead of ready all different types of books. I choose books on 1 topic and got laser focused on that area.  

The things I did not change

My water, workout and photo nothing change remained the same so check out my tips for those in the post >>HERE<<

Biggest take away 

Drum roll 

The after plan or next step. The live hard program does have another phase after 75 hard. Which I plan on doing but there is a 30 day break that is recommended before starting the next phase. 

All the things I want to do now that I completed the #75hard 

Eat gummy bears 

Eat a burger 

Have a glass of wine 

Only drink 64 oz of water [1 gallon especially when completed too late woke me up too many times at night]

Not workout 

Not follow a routine 

BUT that would defeat my hard work and I don’t want to lose momentum because I think this may lead to not going into phase 1. So for me and you 

Here is an after plan if you plan to go into phase 1 or not 

64 oz of water 

1 workout does not matter inside or outside 

Take a pick 1 pic Day 1 and Day 30 

Stick to diet but if wine fits your diet (carbs, calories or marcos)  have it 

Read or do something active towards your passion project for 10 mins a day 

3 tips- Stick to a diet you can

If you plan to do 75 hard grab my printable >>HERE<< and start tomorrow 

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