Would you do a 75 day challenge? I did and this is what I learned

It’s been an interesting 2 and a half months (75 days) Working out twice a day for 45 minutes each, no alcohol or candy as well as 10 minutes of reading a day. Now there is an actual program called 75 hard that was created by Andy Frudaisella for mental toughness, go check it out. Now of course the actual program includes more than what I did but my best friend did something similar to 75 hard and like regular I’m always down for a challenge. I did it for 2 reasons. Reason #1- I wanted to get rid of the quarantine 15 (this is a real thing…many of us packed on a few downs during this lock down and I was not exempt to this) Reason #2- I wanted to keep a commitment to myself (I shared this with someone  and they just could not believe it which was interesting but I didn’t have enough energy to explain why…literally 2 workouts a day is no simple let alone trying to convince someone about my reasons) But here I am and  i’ve made it through the 75 days and here is what I learned 

  1. Time- I learned quickly that I have more time than I thought but this involved being really looking at my schedule. I had to rearrange my schedule. I changed the time I woke up and went to sleep to get my workouts done. I woke up early  or went to bed late. Not both every day but I had to be flexible with my time and myself. 
  2. Self Development- It had been a while since dived into a good book. I was able to get through 4 books during these 75 day. Now 4 books in 2 months may not sound like alot to many but I was reading 0 so to get through 4 was a win for me. My takeaways from each book: Bonding with others is important and it requires work, Trauma is hidden in all of us and we should not project our feelings on others, My needs are different than wants (I was able to identify my core needs my top 3 to be axact), Be honest with others and myself.
  3. Emotional sobriety- I learned that emotions lead more than what we think and if we sit with our emotions long enough many of our daily decisions are made by our emotions and many times not the positive emotion but from a irrational place and the moment I pinpointed where I was being irrational I felt at ease and course corrected immediately where I could. 

Did I accomplish what I set out to do actually I got much more….but to be clear here 

  1. I did lose 14lbs. I wanted to lose more but hey I’ll take it .
  2. I did commit to the 75 days and I made it through (now not without wanting to give up or take some days lighter than others and doing some workouts at 10 or 11pm all in the name of getting it done but nonetheless I got it done) commitment to self is important every time you break a promise/commitment to yourself you chip away at your own self esteem. (vow to reduce/stop breaking the promises to yourself today)

Your turn would you do a challenge like this for 75 days? Well I’ll be doing a round #2

Remember if no one has told you lately, I am proud of you. 

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Check out the live me and Indigo Metellus did wrapping up the 75 days.

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