I had to eat my words….. BE HUMBLE

A few days ago I wrote a blog… Ranting and raving about how I applied for a job and the information they wanted they did not put on the job bulletin.

Well guys I was wrong. I did not pay attention to detail. The job bulletin said in bold letters

please submit your OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT with your application and if you are unable to please call xxx-xxx-xxxx

How freaking embarrassing? I am applying for a job and I couldn’t even take time to read that instruction on what to submit correctly. This is not good people.


I am human and I did thank the job analyst for allowing me to re-submit my transcript.

Moral of this post

  • Pay attention to detail before you go rant and rave. You may be at fault not the other person/party
  • Be humble because someone has the choice to help or not help you. having a crappy attitude with the person you  need help from will not help you any
  • We are human, we make mistakes just be able to acknowledge if and when you are in the wrong


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