You are not qualified…If you feel this decision is in error..please appeal

Not qualified. What a bunch of malarkey? This isn’t one of those I am not really qualified but just want to complain blog post people, I actually qualify.

Let me give  you the back drop of the story. I work for the county, for a specific department. In the county there are many departments you can transfer or promote to. Some of you who are new to my blog or not should know I am actively looking for employment where I can support/encourage youth and use the high price education I have earned. So, I put in my application about 2 weeks ago for a position with a different department. I received a letter that I don’t qualify but if I think this is wrong I can appeal in 30 days. Heck yes I KNOW this is wrong.

The great thing about working personnel/recruitment is I know how this works. I skipped the appeal process because I just wanted to get to the real source which is the job analyst who reviewed my application.

After 2 phone calls and a voicemail. I was able to reach the analyst and she explained to me that my proof of education was unofficial. She needed my official transcript, I reviewed the bulletin and it did not state to provide official transcripts but I did not say anything because I need this women’s help. She told me to send my official transcript to her and 1 more person.

Yesterday was my day off “Happy Veteran’s day to any vet out there” but I spent yesterday at my Alma mater requesting for an emergency transcript. I scanned and emailed the transcript to the job analyst and her manager as I was instructed to do. I received a response that my information will be reviewed. **I said a prayer**

The moral of this post is : DON”T BACK DOWN AND FIND OUT WHY?

  • If you want something bad enough don’t back down even if told no , try again
  • Find out why something was not given to you, question the source sometimes you won’t get an answer but it does not hurt to ask

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