My birthday is in 30 days! What should I do?

I’m not one to be flashy or outing going for my birthday. Being that my birthday is 6 days before Christmas. All my December birthday folks understand that sometimes your birthday gets pushed to the way side. People don’t mean to do this it just happens that JESUS birthday is more important than yours. Between all the holiday festivities and gifts people may easily forget a birthday that comes around same date every year .

On my 25th birthday I was in a real funk about this.I had a pity party for my self . I asked myself

  • why doesn’t any remember my birthday?
  • maybe I’m being childish
  • I have to make my birthday what I want

From that birthday on I made it my business to do something I for my birthday whether people would do it with me or not

  • 26th birthday I cut off all my hair. Nice short hair style.
  • 27th bithday I earned my motorcycle license and rented a bike for the weekend
  • 28th birthday?????? I don’t know what I want to do well I plan to volunteer my services some where on or before my birthday but other than that I am unsure

How do you celebrate your birthday? What was your most memorable birthday?

Any ideas I’m open 🙂

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