Shhh…secretly want to lose weight

I like being this size.

Big is beautiful.

Team Plus size.

Every size is beautiful. No shaming of any kind. But why do people say these things but turn around and secretly want to loose weight. I’ve seen just a few people in my personal life claim that they are SOOOOOO proud of their weight but email or text me that they want to loose weight.

There is no harm in wanting to change. Just because you want to change and take care of your body does not mean that you don’t like you or who you are.

I believe some people (like myself) are afraid to say you want to lose weight because others may associate that with, you not liking who you are. You love who you are, you just want to develop your nutrition and health (and of course look killer in a nice outfit)

Any who …

Moral of this post

  1. You don’t have to secretly want to loose weight . Start now and start small.
  2. Wanting to change DOES NOT mean you don’t like your self , you just want to better your self
  3. Taking care of your mind and body actually exposes that you care about yourself


4 thoughts on “Shhh…secretly want to lose weight

  1. Anne / says:

    I think this is so important! Wanting to change is not the same as hating yourself. There’s many reasons why someone might want to lose weight (but there’s also plenty of reasons not to) – let people do what they want!!
    Thank you for spreading the positivity 🙂

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    • gojenbefit says:

      Thank you for commenting. I was the person who didn’t want to lose weight because I thought it meant I didn’t like myself but thats not true it just means we want a change and thats ok .. No harm in making ourselves better if its weight loss or other things. Improving is always great.


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