Am I tough Enough? STFU

I’m taking a few small leaps that will lead up to a big one.

I decided during my birthday weekend



So I’ve admired people who do races especially the ones that include obstacles so guess what I’m scared and excited all at once but that means I must TRAIN like my life depended on it.

You know what I am a crap talker …. a good ole trash talking fool sometimes. And I figured let me stop all this smack talking and start training.

I plan to document it all here.

I will finally show you guys some pictures.

This is the plan

I want to race somewhere in July to December 2016. Waiting to see if dates for Sacramento or Los Angeles fall between those months. If not I will just travel to attend an event in that month range. ROAD TRIP 🙂

I want to do P90X, Insanity or Body beast. I’ve read and look at some videos and people suggest these programs will build endurance and upper body strength for the Spartan race.

I will participate in the Warrior dash which is spectated to be a mini version to the spartan race . Spartan race is said to be 5 times harder but I want to do something pre- Spartan race to see what I need to work on and train for before the real race. I plan to do the March event for Warrior dash.

So it will look like

  1. P90X Jan to Mar
  2. Warrior Dash March
  3. Insanity or Body Beast April to July
  4. July to December SPARTAN RACE  where ever a date permits

My 1st step toward training is I am attending a Spartan Workout in Las Vegas on 1/9/16. I’m all signed up now to get my bur-pees together I hear you have to do 30 if fail or skip an obstacle.

My question to you: Have you used any of these programs? Do you prefer one over the other? Have your trained for a race?


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