Master Cleanse: Day 3 of 3 “stand strong in the face of Brownies”


Happy Friday WordPress family! Hope you all are having a great day. I Made! I finished! I completed! DONE DONE DONE. I treated myself to vanilla steamer this morning 🍵

As I showed up to work bamn I sit down and here comes my lovely co-worker passing out her delicious, gooie and oh so chocolate Brownies.

She reaches out to hand me the Brownies. I simply shook my head and said no Thank you. She said why not and I gave her my answer. She said OK well I’ll bring you some one Tuesday. Bless her. I look forward to those Brownies.

I was hungry but I keep telling myself, you can make it until tomorrow. I did it.

Detoxing or cleansing is not for everyone.
Do YOUR RESEARCH before attempting a cleanse or detox.
Consult with a physician or health professional about cleansing or detoxing.

The things I learned on my cleanse
– Everyone has a opinion on it.
– Discipline is needed
-SUPPORT makes the hard times less hard

I have all intentions of doing a 6 days cleasnse before the year is up 🙂

Happy Friday!  Have a wonderful weekend 😄😘

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