Valentine’s Day Ready


Happy Friday WordPress fam! We all know that valentines day and Cupid are around the corner. I’m on fire today 2 post in 1 day😘

No matter if you are single or in a relationship make sure to look a and feel good for valentines day.

You can

1. TREAT someone else that day. Spot a co-worker for lunch. Get a small gift for your mom,Ā  dad or siblings
2. YOU CAN BE DRESSED TO KILL on that day when we look good we feel good *plus if you run into a ex you wanna look so good they take a double look **
3. DAY OF GIVING ? Send or make cards,Ā  help someone out if you see they need help
4. ME DAY do something for you. Take a jog to clear your mind, go to a movie, go to lunch, buy a new planner or shirt do something for you
5.REMEMBER vday is a fun holiday if your significant other doesn’t do or get you some flashy present it’s not the end of the world.

Below are my valentines day dress options ..which do you by think I should wear the #1 or #2?


7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Ready

    • gojenbefit says:

      Thanks i like # 2 as well but I just got the news I won’t be wearing either. We are going to a freaking ski resort šŸ˜’ I’ll wear it for a party next month


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