Master Cleanse: Day 2 of 3 “I should just quit”

Hey WordPress family! Day 2 felt like it would never end. I was doing okay until the dreaded lunch time with my co-workers happened. I was out in the field yesterday and traveling with 3 co-workers.

  1. My co-workers decided before we took off we would get some Starbucks. I went but I got a tea so I stuck to my cleanse
  2. Around 11 someone made mention of Starbucks and 1 of my co-workers went again, this time I did not have anything
  3. Lunch came and they talked about Chik-Fi-La and El Pollo Loco. We ended up at El pollo loco. The smell was so intense in there. I had to walk outside. IT SMELT SO GOOD.

The Negotiation:

That’s when I started playing mind tricks on my self. I thought maybe I could get a salad. That would not hurt? Right? Then I said that would be solids no I can not do that . Then I said maybe I could do a soup. That’s better than a salad? Right? But their soup has tortilla chips, beans, and some cheese in it.

Support group Unite:

I texted my sister she said DO NOT BREAK your cleanse you only have 1 day left. I fought her answer.

I texted my best friend she reminded me that a soup or salad would not entirely mess up the cleanse. I agreed.

After all of that I stuck to my master cleanse. I just went to the car and smelled all the great aromas as we drove back to the office so I could drink my master cleanse mix.

Today is day 3. I feel better not thinking about food as much. Just trying to make it until tomorrow.

Ill be posting about today , tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Master Cleanse: Day 2 of 3 “I should just quit”

  1. Ice_Badger says:

    I am glad you stayed strong and suck to something you wanted to do, it is good for mental strength.

    However, I really really can’t see the benefits of depriving yourself and starving yourself for days. I just read the master cleanse website, and it looks like thinly disguised bulimia 😦 (drink as much sugar water as you like and take a laxative before bed and in the morning do a “salt cleanse” which is basically a super laxative 😦

    please be very careful with the reasons you are doing this!! Please stay healthy!!

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  2. Back Pain says:

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