Freaking Februray? Lets review January

Welcome to February WordPress family! I know I know I am days late but let me say last month flew by so freaking fast. I can;t believe we are half way though February.  I just remember saying Merry Christmas. So fitness I was all over the place and looking for a pick me up. I believe I may have found it. Details coming soon on what I am doing next Fitness wise.

Also my best friend started her own blog Mrs. Indigo Metellus  (CHECK HER BLOG OUT) which encouraged me to get more social on social media because how can I share good info with people if I am not on social media.

So January was pretty dope. I believe I did more last month than I have done in previous years combined.

  • I went to Seattle. I was in the Seattle times and Seattle post.
  • I did the polar bear plunge. Freezing my butt off for a good cause PolarBear plunge
  • I went to CANADA omg it was so beautiful, the snow and so chic . I lost my phone with my trip pictures and my other 1,000 photos I had 😦
  • I went to the Asian American Expo (So many things I didn’t know existed)
  • I went to the LA Fitness Expo ( I met Mr. ISYMFS-CT Fletcher himself he was so NICE)  I stood in line for a hour
  • I did the Spartan Tour workout (check out my post )–>Spartan Up baby girl
  • I took the children social worker trainee written test I wrote about here –>Read this Guess what I have been asked to the oral interview…yikes!!! I am so nervous and I want this so bad. I have prayed and GOD will work it out for me )
  • My best friend Mrs. Indigo Metellus  (CHECK HER BLOG OUT) and I went Sweetie Pie’s Noho it was so good 🙂
  • I started the Jillian Michael’s Shredded in 30 dvd ( I will be posting a review on this when I am done. I start week 3 tonight) Shredded in 30
  • Me and my friend signed up to participate in the WARRIOR DASH May 28th, 2016 Warrior Dash

Now lets see how the rest of February treats me!

How was January and almost half of February for you?

Comment and subscribe I wanna hear from you 🙂

Did I mention my best friend started her blog Mrs. Indigo Metellus  (CHECK HER BLOG OUT) lol

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