6 Ways to Experience Wellness in the Workplace

Wellness coordinators and events are popping up in workplaces everywhere. Employers are becoming more invested in keeping their employee’s well, positive and upbeat in the workplace. This makes for a peaceful workplace and satisfied employees. It’s not always what you can do for a job but what a job can do for you. Don’t let any employer or career position keep you imbalanced when you need to be the best you can be in the workplace but most importantly  in your home. Let me share with you 6 ways you can experience wellness in the workplace.

Mental Wellness                                                    

Take your breaks and lunches. It is easy for us to work through our lunches and breaks but in order for you to be well in the workplace you need to take small moments out of the day for yourself that do not involve you staying at your desk. Get up, go outside, and clear your mind and NOT think about work while you are on your breaks.

Financial Wellness

Find out what services or programs your employer may offer that can assits you. Your employer may offer service or program that could provide you with financial assistance that you may need to catch up on some bills or save some money. Sometimes not being able to afford certain expense makes us uneasy but if your employer offers some assistance that would be beneficial for you to know how to get or apply for that assistance.

Social Wellness

Grab a coworker and go get lunch together. Do something nice for a co-worker. You don’t have to be best friends with ALL your coworkers but you should cultivate relationships at work because we all need support at work at times. It feels better to have an alliance at work so be nice to your coworkers. Be genuwine about the relationships with co worker. Don’t be a fake or anti-social.

Intellectual Wellness

Find out what trainings your employer offers or check if your employer has partnership with an educational institution. Your employer can support you or provide a discount toward your educational and or learning endeavors. You get to learn something new, a skill that you can take somewhere else if you want in the future and that’s  an skill your current employer may need from you now. It’s a win/win for the both of you.

Physical Wellness

Get up and move while you are at work. Some of us sit at our desk for hours on end and without getting up to stretch or getting any blood circulation. Take a walk around your office or area on your breaks. Also, create a walking club or just grab a co-worker to walk around the building. Stay active daily.

Occupational Wellness

Ask you self-2 questions about your current position. Am I happy doing this? What can I do to stay, leave or advance myself? You have to be honest with yourself and where you currently are. If you like it, find a way to become an asset to your employer and not a liability. If you don’t like it, you need to create a plan to change from position or promote.

Overall you can experience wellness in the workplace but it is up to you to see that you can experience at least one aspect of wellness in the workplace. If you actually pay closer attention to your current workplace situation.

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