Guess Who is writing for Arianna Huffington

When Arianna Huffington calls , you better answer.. Lol well she didn’t call me thats an exaggeration. But I received an email from her (well most than likely her assistant) but my heart dropped none the less. Remember in December when I challenged all of you and myself to do one 30 day goal to finish 2017 strong . Read it here –>> December 30 Day Challenge

My December 2016 goal was to pitch 3 magazine and or online platforms. One of the places I pitched to was the Huffington Post. I did what my research but obviously not good enough but I will get to that. I emailed Arianna Huffington directly and pitched. It took me about 30 minutes to hit that send button because for Gosh sakes this is Arianna Huffington. Ms. Arianna Huffington. Thee Arianna Huffington did I say Arianna Huffington LOL any who. 14 days went by and I did not receive anything so I figured like many people said if Ms. Huffington (or her assistant) does not respond in 14 days then she did not like my post so try again next time.

I sent that pitch email 12/25/16. Yup I sent it on Christmas day if that’s not ball-sie then I don’t know what is. I bothered the chief and editor of Huffington Post on a holiday. The nerve of me.

I forgot about it and chucked it up to my post was rejected. I thought to myself I’ll write another one next December and that would be that.

Well I received an email from Arianna Huffington on 2/13/17. She is no longer the editor of Huffington Post (if I would have done more research I would have known that)  she has started a new venture independent from the Huffington Post which is Thrive Global it is about well-being and individual life performance. A wellness perspective, right up my alley.

I have been invited to contribute to Thrive Global by Ms. Arianna Huffington herself (or her assistant) either way I am so stoked about this.  I will being sharing with you the article I write. I better make it good.

Wow 2 months later and an opportunity like this has arrived. I can’t pass it up. Let me get busy.

Wanted to share the news with you all.

FYI. I have been given the new Huffington Post Editor and Chiefs contact information and I will be submitting a pitch after I contribute to Thrive Global.

As for all the podcast I submitted to I have been rejected by all but they all wished me best in my endevours.

Still haven’t heard back from the last magazine I pitched. I would say forget it but hearing back from this pitch  2 months later keeps that little hope alive.

Moral is set goals, some may be seeds that blossom. You never know.

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