5 Ways to Stick to a Meal Plan |Free PDF Download + Video

Following a meal plan is a drag. But you CAN stick to any meal plan if that is what you really want to do. Some meal plans are full of ingredients some of us can’t even pronounce. Some meal plans are filled with products that we have to look far and wide for. Some meal plans may have you eating 1 meal for 7 days. Some meal plans have very vague instructions like 4 oz of protein, 8 of of fruit and 8 oz of veggies… um that’s not telling us exactly we should have now is it.

Now that we went over some of the reasons some meal plans are a challenge at times to follow along with now lets get down to the nitty gritty. Lets talk about 5 things you need to do to stick to a meal plan.

  1. Review- Take time to go over your meal plan. Look at the ingredients. See if you like any of the meals or items placed on the meal plan. If you don’t like some of the ingredients think of substitutes before you start the meal plan.
  2. Purchase- Once you have reviewed and decided that you want to use the meal plan you need to figure out what ingredients you have at home and find out what you still need. Write down a grocery budget list. Writing down what you need from the grocery store will allow for you to get what you need and that list will be there for the next time you purchase the groceries.
  3. Workout- Many meal plans offer food but no workout suggestions. If you have a meal planner that has workout suggestions don’t make it more harder on yourself than it needs to be, use the workouts suggested and modify what you need. If your meal planner does not come with a workout regimen I suggest you plan a workout for 3 days out the week , 45 mins. 30 min cardio and 15 mins weights if not anything else on those days.
  4. Schedule- So you have a meal planner but you still have to plan when to eat and when you will workout. Its all in the plan my friend. For example- Breakfast: 8am Snack: 10am Lunch: 12pm Snack: 2pm Dinner: 5pm Workout: 7pm.
  5. Substitution: Don’t just get rid of a completely great meal plan because it doesn’t have your favorite fruit or veggie listed. This is where you put your thinking cap on and figure out what can be substituted for something you like which the same nutrition facts. For example: You hate apples but love oranges then make the swap or substitution.

Because I heat you, my Befits so much I have a free download just for you.

Click the link below for your “FREE 7 DAY MEAL PLAN”

7 Day Befit Meal and Workout Planner

Check out my YOUTUBE video talking about Meal Plans

Now its your turn.

Are you using a meal plan? If so, how do you stick to it?

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